Being an entrepreneur is so hard to me, I am great at researching big picture stuff but I always get bored when it’s time to actually create an implementation. Creating an implementation usually means implementing, changing it, erasing parts of the implementation, implementing again…

This “seeing what works” thing is so boring from my POV. Time is on my favor… the more time flows by the easier it get to do the boring stuff. Still… I am surprised that I actually did the add-on thing(see my first post) but people don’t seem willing to download it/use it. There is a strong move towards privacy. I understand them actually, add-ons allow way too much stuff to happen, without the user knowing. An intermediate point where the user doesn’t see the actual code but knows what class of functions are being used(internet related? communicating with whom? sending what? etc) would easy adoption a lot. My next project will likely be entirely server-sided but it’s hard to go from sketch to code… I did part of the code but then I realized that doing things the way I was doing would be too vague… either I will need more time thinking about structuring data or I will need to jump into something more focused.


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November 15, 2013 · 9:27 am

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