Weird, I couldn’t create a redlink, the create redlink option didn’t pop up on the menu. I had to disable and then enable the extension for it to show. Hmmm, perhaps that is what blocked other people from creating red links?

My finished-product in mind before coding idea for programming paid off, it turns out I didn’t know what I was doing. Lots of time and work saved. But that leaves me few options now. Either going nuclear and saying everything that I know(which would require me revisit old ideas and formalize them) or… perhaps going back to red-link and correcting this nasty bug? Decisions…

I’m sick today so I’m just sort of taking the day off, though I did think about my new simpler/narrow project and realized it would suck.

I could just say some of the stuff I know… get people to use my website… and hope people don’t find out about the rest. It did take me a few weeks to go from point A to B. If history serves of anything that would be a few decades of leeway before someone reached me.


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November 26, 2013 · 3:05 pm

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