Sharp turn

I’m thinking about changing my plans for my new project, my current plan led astray from my 2 year research into graphs(data and their connections)… I’m struggling with user-generated data, ways to validate it, store it, retrieve it… As I tested a history viewer page, it either didn’t log itself or didn’t show the history… I wonder if accessing the same file twice(once in the history php and another in the php that logs everything) has led to this bug… perhaps flock and a loop that tries reading again if the file is currently locked is the solution?

There are two problems in forgetting about hosting user generated links and going straight to my original research conclusion:

1-Processing power… it’s expensive… I don’t know if I can make something cool and profitable

2-Data organization is going to hit me again, and I’ll need to dive into graphs anyway… so why don’t do it now?

The main advantage is that I can build the processing-intensive website in one week… if I have to organize and log user-generated data… who knows… 2 months? I wonder what to do next… go for the cake cherry and then bake a cake beneath later?


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