filesize(that I use to read the serialized logs) is returning two different values… now it makes sense that one of the phps isn’t unserializing the log… no, wait… if php1 reads and then writes to log and php2 just reads… obviously php2 is going to get a larger filesize…. but why is it corrupt(only from php2 POV, as after that php1 keeps unserializing correctly)?

I guess php1 is half-way writing while php2 is reading… yep… flock is necessary…or not… I mean, the log isn’t getting corrupt… perhaps I should just give up on allowing user to view the history… admins would be able to view the history and not get their views logged(no concurrent reading;writing problem)…. sort of kicking the can down the road… I’m glad I know what went wrong though… 😀


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December 17, 2013 · 12:27 pm

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