Have You “Cracked the Code” to Going Global?

I want to add a few comments regarding localization and global economy.
Localization helps companies earn revenue but they also often lock users into an specific pool of information that is poor and sometimes mistranslated.
Regarding global economics, I think tech based economies(that mostly understand English) are going to prevail over resource based ones.
As an internet user in the third world I find myself wondering from time to time(due to forced localization and geo-fencing) whether I should pay a VPS and get the same internet Americans get.

Cloudwords Blog

We are all keenly aware that the global economy is interconnected and dependent on the strengths and weaknesses of the countries that trade with one another. More so, trade and related activities are greatly impacted by government policies. Obviously, during the 2008-2009 financial crisis that affected this country and also shook most of the world, globalization weakened due to significant declines in trade and foreign investments. Beginning in 2010, once global economies began to improve, globalization increased as international trade and investment flows picked up, and since then we’ve seen global organizations continue to expand and benefit from opportunities abroad.crackingcode

However, according to a recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek, “Why Globalization Is Going Into Reverse,” the globalization upswing has stalled. Based on a study conducted at IESE Business School in Barcelona, the article states that while globalization was picking up momentum following the global financial downturn, the “depth…

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