I don’t get it

THere are hundreds of millions of people using Twitter and Facebook… and I don’t understand why.

I could see myself using them years ago but for my current self Facebook just looks too closed and Twitter too short. I don’t like abbreviations, particularly in languages I’m still learning like English.

So, should I make a website that caters to their users? I’m a little ambiguous… perhaps include them but not make them my main target? I have seen that wordpress uses a pretty out-datted way of organizing tags(using a list, instead of a tree). However even if I manage to make tag tree website it remains an open question how I’m going to proppel users into making the edges that connect the nodes… Creating an add-on or toolbar, massively broadcasting it and hoping people join? Perhaps giving addon users the benefit of not seeing ads on my website? It seems hard to make people use some startup product that hasn’t gathered data and done some analytics yet… I have some ideas to automate edge construction, but I don’t know how they will play out.

After my building-data-from-logs challenge, my next piece seems to be organizing-data-into-trees




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