python coding tips

6. Don’t ever use anything but IDLE to edit python files.


1.  practice every day— minutes can matter but a good solid time block would be best

2.  don’t overdo. slow and plodding wins the race — when frustrated or overwhelmed, take a break. or do something else. or rest.

3.  it’s alright to be totally lost at first — python, like any other language, is just a set of symbols and words put together in its own grammar or syntax. keep trying and you will eventually get it.

4.  when you get stuck, get more information — print the code, go online, have somebody else look at it, diagram.

5.  try to solve it yourself first — stop, pause, look away (as in point 2) and try to figure it out

last point: have fun!

from Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw

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  1. i’m no expert but i’ve heard otherwise so i guess it’s each to his own poison.


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