Giving up on doujinpulse?

I think I’ll give up on doujinpulse. The images are not showing properly on the eadulthost, plus the site is too bulky(I have foreseen that and I can correct it but what is the point if the images are going to get corrupted anyway?)

Also, I haven’t managed to make a single script that executes my crawler AND uploads it’s data. Plus, ftp-upload doesn’t seem to care about pre-existing files sharing the same name as the ones I’m trying to upload. Getting everything uploaded needlessly is a pain.

It’s not like nothing good has come out of this though, I have created a PHP that crawls and produces an HTML that shows crawled data. Kudos for me.

I’m tired but couldn’t sleep so I decided to write this.

What is next? I’m too tired to decide but probably continue to make crawlers. Particularly ones that store small, fresh data from manually selected sources.


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