Implementations are..

…so hard.
The one thing that is bothering me about my video search website is… you guessed… flash.
I could theoretically overcome that one by taking screenshots and converting videos to images… but that would require a mouse/keyboard recorder. And I don’t know of any easy-to-use software that records mouse and keyboard activity for linux.
And that would be the groundwork for actually start working.
Doing search without image analysis would probably not differ so much from youtube original search to make my site markeatable.

The financial analysis website would probably go faster… probably. There is no flash, just csv files.
Problem is, those files are often times big(mbs) and charting them would probably be processor intensive. decreases precision everytime you zoom out the chart. How much of that is processor/bandwidth saving gimmick and how much is meant to help investors by taking away noise: I don’t know.


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