FFmpeg, keepvid.com and Pyglet

I think if I were to use these 3 tools my video search website would be feasible. Problem is, it’s so much work just to get to the part where I need to use my full blown creativity to create auto-taggers from scratch that I get lazy just thinking about it.

Another project would be my quote website. I could limit quote length to avoid copyright problems… however, javascript and flash text would remain a problem. This one would be a lot easier, certainly a lot easier than writing that redlink add-on. I could pull this one off in less than a week. But it sort of seems like going back to a ill-fated project.

What about the composite hedge? I got distracted half-way when I thought I had found an error on my broker part. I tried to exploit it only to realize I was confusing 1 “pip” with 1 “dollar”(the value of 1 pip varies according to currency pair being traded).

The composite hedge website would be easy too. At least if I avoid stock/commodities being valued in foreign currencies at first.


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