The Facts Pertaining to the Bird Bath

First short story I’ve come accross on wordpress today, that isn’t too lengthy or part of a longer narrative.


It was like an oasis, this tiny little bird bath in a garden with no name, for a boy with no name. He couldn’t remember how he had arrived in the splendiferous little patch of land, neat paths and plants blooming in green at all sides. He couldn’t remember what he liked to call himself, aside from ‘clothed’.

These were the facts of his current condition: he was naked, and he was thirsty.

The bird bath was the only place in the garden that seemed to have drinkable water. He had his doubts about just about everything else, but he knew the water was drinkable. Even if it didn’t look like it, exactly.

All he knew was, there was no other option for him to choose. The garden seemed to stretch on in every direction, paths winding about here and there, through sharp plants and bushy plants, plants in bloom…

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