Programmer, Coder or Engineer?

What should one who makes software be called?
I prefer Programmer. Coder implies a lack of knowledge regarding algorithms or at the very least being prone to “hack”(do quick fix code that is bound to cause headaches later on)
Engineer would be someone with some sort of bachelor degree, perhaps regulated by a government. Not my case.

Curiously, Mr Gates Wikipedia also seems to like “programmer” better:!1,1164807331


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One response to “Programmer, Coder or Engineer?

  1. nannus

    I see myself as a programmer as well. I see programming as a creative activity. There are people who are trying to impose a factory-model on software development, introducing processes and burocracy. They see us as “coders” but they do not see that this factory metaphor does not fit here at all. “Engineer” has to much of a technical flavour, it makes me think of hardware,

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