Going nuclear

I’ve been thinking since yesterday about writing an algo I have developed mentally around one year ago.

It pinpoints an author “characteristic” so to speak just by her/his text.

I’m not into people or analyzing ’em but I had to develop said algo because it was related to a philosophical question regarding human intelligence. And I wanted to create strong AI at the time(still believed it was possible).

I was saving it for later(the algo)… but it has been several months since I gave up the development of strong AI in September for considering it incompatible with my model of how information in our universe works; and still no big hit, no website. This is indeed my last resort.

The wordpress multi-tag search engine probably wouldn’t be as cool as I thought at first, any weird combination of even a small number of tags and the website would take a while to load, plus its results would be out-dated.


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