Gravatar,New Protocol From Scratch, etc

Just realized today that you need an e-mail to be registered with gravatar before you can use their image generator. I thought they generated images for any hash, I was even wondering what was their business model, 🙂
After I discovered you need to tell them an e-mail visited your website or had his avatar requested I went “Ah… I see what you are doing there”, hahaha

I sort of did a quick fix, images are now a background with the color modified by your md5 hash. I plan on doing cooler stuff latter regarding the avatar(it will be animated)

But… before all that, my plan of using plain Internet Protocol(no UDP/TCP) may be a little far fetched after all.
Msg id(that is re-hashed every msg to show continuity)
Acknowledgement of messages.
Broadcasting(I heard UDP could do that, but I don’t think they mean sending to users of an specific program)
Requesting more nodes(this one doesn’t come free with TCP/UDP)
Giving said nodes(same as above)


And I am actually taking shortcuts wherever possible. HTML instead of canvas drawing; leaving authentication for later; leaving cool avatars for later.

The peer to peer protocol and search is all that I’ll do before releasing the first public version.



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