“Kolmogorov Difference” and Analogies(even if you are not a scientist, interesting)

What is an analogy?

What makes something similar to something else?

I described in a formal language an answer to that. Alas, I used a distance function whose name I do not remember. It gave me a good estimate and I ended my study in september when I decided that strong AI was impossible.(universe is similar to a decompressor, updates itself faster than any machine would ever be able to, etc)

Of course, Einstein once said that if you can’t explain something in simple terms you don’t know it well enough.

As I listen to “3 hours of epic music” while being paralyzed by my last non-project I came upon a novel concept.

Kolmogorov Difference of Datum D in Language L using a computer that can store ONE arbitrary length integer(variable)

D: 2,8,10,3,5,11,13,21,23,50

L: Operand1,Multiply,Operand2

from 8 to 11: Inf.
from 2 to 8: X=2*2,X=2*X: 2 operations
from 5 to 25: 1 operation

5 is said to be a better analogy to 50 than 2 is to 8(you would need less combinations to transform 5 into 50 than 2 into 8)


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