Network Topology

Network topology could be the reason I’m stuck.

Let n1 be the first and only tracker, let n2,n3,n4 and nM be nodes joining after n1,n2,n3..nM-1

Naive Approach(fully connected)

A network with J nodes will have J-1 connections per node. For a maximum of 100(my initial target), that would limit the network size to 101 nodes.

Naive Approach, then Least Connected First
[max connections=2]

n1-n2-n3,n2-n1-n3,n3-n1-n2(next paragraph is Least Connected First)

(tell n1 she(n4) arrived)
n1-n2-n3-TEMPORARY-n4,n2-n1-n3,n3-n1-n2,n4-TEMPORARY-n1(n1 tells n2 that n4 has only 1 connection)
(n2 sees that n1 has 3 connections(counting tmp))

So we have already surpassed a fully connected network number of maximum nodes if connections are capped(at 2)
Now, I need to continue this later and generalize a maximum number of connected nodes if the algo least connected first is used with max connections X (maxNodes= topologyAlgo(MaxConnectionsPerNode))


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