PHP(ish) function for visual studio 2010

Explode function in VB:


Private Function phpishExplode(ByVal del As String, ByVal s1 As String)
Dim returnValue As New ArrayList

Dim lastMatchIndex As Integer = 0
For i As Integer = 0 To s1.Count – del.Length
Dim match As Boolean = True
For i2 As Integer = 0 To del.Length – 1

If s1(i + i2) <> del(i2) Then
match = False
Exit For
End If

If match = True Then
returnValue.Add(s1.Substring(lastMatchIndex, i – lastMatchIndex))
lastMatchIndex = i + del.Length

End If
returnValue.Add(s1.Substring(lastMatchIndex, s1.Length – lastMatchIndex))

Return returnValue
End Function


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