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“If we don’t exact a harsh price, we encourage these things. A harsh price has an effect of deterrence,” said Steinitz, referring to the suspected kidnapping.


It doesn’t, unfortunately. Islam will keep fighting until they convince the world forcing women into polygamy is the way to go or until they occupied by an alliance of major powers for decades while having women lack of rights(or whatever element of Islam makes it violent) reformed. Much like Nazi Germany only stopped after being denied ethnic segregation and eugenics.

Politicians’ words and the current military inability of Islam(as compared to Nazi Germany) leads me to think this problem could go on for a while before large nations get fed up and decide to act.

German Jews have a population that is way under its optimal(a high nobel prize per capita ratio shows that). The Israeli government should prioritize making Eretz Israel safe. And while expelling Muslims(including Israeli citizens) won’t solve the problem of Islamic Terror or Anti-Semitism it will certainly give some normalcy to Israelis’s lives(besides freeing up resources currently allocated to deal with a population that want Jews dead).


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Too much focus

I think what might be hindering my ability to publish a popular product is that I end up being too perfectionist.

For instance, I wanted to make a program that showed an image downloaded from an URL.

Now, instead of just showing it, I decided that I needed to store it so that I didn’t download it every time. Then I realized that two images with the same name would end up overwriting each other so I added a number N if the image of number N-1 already existed, then I realized that adding a number would hinder the user from using that file(because the extension gets modified)… you can see? It’s not that I’m doing things that are not needed, a decent program does everything I just stated, but given that I have only one employee(myself) I should focus on that later.

This is a generalization of that “design first” principle. Do the FUN stuff first. Do the rest later. There is a trade-off, obviously, if you do the FUN stuff first you end up without backwards compatibility. A small price to pay perhaps?

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Personal favorite for using with last post application:

Convert and Download at:


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June 9, 2014 · 10:51 am

Ein Gedi MP3 Player




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Creating an AxWindowsMediaPlayer programmatically

below Public Class Form1:

Dim AxWindowsMediaPlayer1 As New AxWMPLib.AxWindowsMediaPlayer


Inside Form1_Load:



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How to draw a hexagram

    Private Sub Form1_Paint(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs) Handles MyBase.Paint

        Dim myPen1 As New Pen(New SolidBrush(Color.FromArgb(255, 0, 0, 0)), 10)

        Dim Tri1Point1 As New Point((Me.Width / 2) – Me.Height / 6, (Me.Height / 3) + (Me.Height / 18))
        Dim Tri1Point2 As New Point((Me.Width / 2) + Me.Height / 6, (Me.Height / 3) + (Me.Height / 18))
        Dim Tri1Point3 As New Point((Me.Width / 2), ((Me.Height / 3) * 2) + (Me.Height / 18))

        e.Graphics.DrawPolygon(myPen1, {Tri1Point1, Tri1Point2, Tri1Point3})

        Dim Tri2Point1 As New Point((Me.Width / 2) – Me.Height / 6, ((Me.Height / 3) * 2) – (Me.Height / 18))
        Dim Tri2Point2 As New Point((Me.Width / 2) + Me.Height / 6, ((Me.Height / 3) * 2) – (Me.Height / 18))
        Dim Tri2Point3 As New Point((Me.Width / 2), (Me.Height / 3) – (Me.Height / 18))

        e.Graphics.DrawPolygon(myPen1, {Tri2Point1, Tri2Point2, Tri2Point3})

    End Sub

The code above is Public Domain


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Remix Masters

Here is everything I want to do:

P2P Network with:
Data Hosting(like Freenet)
Script(remote and local) execution
Multiple tasks done by different nodes(network security, network gateway(from IPv4 addresses to local addresses), etc)
Reward system
Tracking system with multiple trackers
New Web Trees consisting of:
New Web Objects

Here is what I’m going to do first(because I need to start somewhere lest I become overpowered by the abstraction and amount of code to plan):

New Web Lists(as opposed to trees) consisting of
New Web Objects

nwo sounds like an awesome acronym 🙂

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