Connecting People

Sergey Brin had admitted that it was “probably a mistake” that he ever worked on Google+ because, in his own words, he’s “not a very social person” and “kind of a weirdo.”

I’ve just read something about snapchat, which apparently is a program that send images and then tries to delete them or something like that. Now, here is an idea(and I’m not trying to take away young folks merit in developing those social tools): if we are having so many 19 year olds stumbling upon billion dollar ideas, all revolving around the same issue: connecting people, social networks, image related chats, isn’t it possible that we have an area that is being overlooked by people in their late 20s/30s? As I said, I understand that young folks are creative and that they are more social to begin with but I can’t help but feel that older folks are really missing out on this. Usually, when one is young, one wins by:
-Breaking the rules
-Developing a new industry that didn’t even exist

Nowadays it seems that social networks have been more than proven to work and give back loads of money but founders are still so young(even by SV standards). And it’s not just the age, they often lack academic expertise, and sometimes don’t even know how to code(4chan’s founder, for instance).

Perhaps Mr Brin should be spending more, not less, time developing social applications.

I’m not trying to develop something “social” per se(is bitcoin “social”?), but the very simplest p2p network involves the sharing of text, so I’ll probably start with a p2p chat.

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