Network Topology

Remember my post about me having the algos but being lazy about implementing them? Well. here is what I was thinking when I posted that:

Bittorrent uses a single tracker
Freenet uses a slow broadcast message system
I would use multiple trackers, responsible for specific parts of the namespace(like, if your IP starts with a number less than 128, you go to tracker1, otherwise, tracker2) so I thought I was done with network topology.

Well,I was mistaken, it gets a lot more complicated than that.In fact, even with perfect knowledge of all nodes(not practical), finding an optimal topology involves extrapolating what each node is going to query, that is, it involves A.I.Amazing. I could easily spend 2 years just thinking about this subject before reaching an agreeable solution. Perhaps I should just use one-tracker-for-all and then make things on the go?

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