“If we don’t exact a harsh price, we encourage these things. A harsh price has an effect of deterrence,” said Steinitz, referring to the suspected kidnapping.


It doesn’t, unfortunately. Islam will keep fighting until they convince the world forcing women into polygamy is the way to go or until they occupied by an alliance of major powers for decades while having women lack of rights(or whatever element of Islam makes it violent) reformed. Much like Nazi Germany only stopped after being denied ethnic segregation and eugenics.

Politicians’ words and the current military inability of Islam(as compared to Nazi Germany) leads me to think this problem could go on for a while before large nations get fed up and decide to act.

German Jews have a population that is way under its optimal(a high nobel prize per capita ratio shows that). The Israeli government should prioritize making Eretz Israel safe. And while expelling Muslims(including Israeli citizens) won’t solve the problem of Islamic Terror or Anti-Semitism it will certainly give some normalcy to Israelis’s lives(besides freeing up resources currently allocated to deal with a population that want Jews dead).


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