Crystal Society

Every time humanity got more than 90% of its members killed by disease they called it a “Owari”, after the Japanese word for end.
It was 3821 years after the 4th Owari, humanity was still alive but enslaved.

Society was ruled by sentient crystals collectively known as the “Crystal System”.

Every human left was forbidden normal means of reproduction, new humans came about by genetic engineering of selected specimens and every human had a colored stone placed on her or his forehead called commanding stone.

Crystals themselves, in their adult form passing the 20 foot barrier and weighing more than 1 ton didn’t move or change the environment by themselves, they simply issued orders to humans’ commanding crystals to do their bid.

The election of the crystal king had just occurred, a new crystal tinted in green was to replace a smaller blackish one.

That’s not how he saw it, he could see crystal’s innards in ways other humans couldn’t. He knew that Saeya was to replace Ridah. Not only he knew their names, when squinting his eyes he could see a faintly human shape inside the crystals themselves. Saeya was a young slim woman in her early 30s, Ridah was a middle aged male.

That human had a disease. He needed to be corrected. And the day for the procedure was today.
He waited anxious in the hospital for his commanding stone to order him to get up.
His stone was to be replaced by an even more oppressive one, if that failed he would go to the land of past crystals, an euphemism the crystal society used for dying.

The surgery went awry and he passed.

The crystal society was relieved, another bug fixed.

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