The forbidden flask

Steampunk Leather Gear Flask by AtticRaiders

He hurriedly hid the flask that he had received from his elders, the forbidden elixir shall not fall in the enemy’s hands.

Many years later…

Two adventurer stop amidst a desert.

Ellis got off his camel, he had glimpsed something.
What are you doing? – his companion, a young Elf by the name of Calista inquired.
I saw something bright on the dunes – the adventurer said while digging the sand.

He unearthed the forbidden flask and started reading its inscription:
“Eternal life free from bodily illnesses”

After opening the flask’s cap he started drinking the elixir – Are you sure that is safe? ‘Been buried for many years it seems. – Calista said to an apathetic Ellis.

They decided to call their quest off, that oligarch’s treasury was very well hidden, besides they had just found a valuable elixir that was now running in Ellis’ veins. Even the adorned flask itself could be worth something in the city’s market.

Edit: Remembered after looking into a bloomberg article that you use camels,not horses, on the desert. Hahaha, silly mistake.

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