Comment on Bloomberg Article

What is worrying is that the post 1990s narrative Putin laid out — in which the U.S. has ignored, humiliated, encircled and isolated Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union — is one most Russians whole-heartedly believe. They, too, can’t imagine that ordinary unarmed citizens — whether in Kiev, the Arab Spring countries or elsewhere — might act of their own volition, rather than as pawns in a U.S. game.

Everything is truly connected. There are only two distinctions to be made:
-Whether the connections can be explained-Whether the connection is strong or not

I’m increasingly skeptical of independence and liberty outside anonymous authorship.

There was other article on Bloomberg that claimed Yahoo! was being hypocritical by demanding the NSA to keep its hands off their data while handing names to the Chinese government. Well, I think it’s even worse than that, I think Yahoo! was siding with the Chinese because they thought they offered better advantages over cooperating with the US.

However, I also think Bloomberg(and the public) is naive in thinking any company can choose not to take sides; that option isn’t on the table for anyone who needs connections and money to manage a business(that is, anyone, period).

The fact that recordings of old data reveal more about us than we know led me to think we would embark into some kind of utopia where everyone knew everyone and politicians had to be honest with the people and with other politicians. Alas, what is really happening is that the power is still lying but avoiding consequences by changing its shape more rapidly. Alliances are forming and dissolving so fast that it might even be causing the gridlock in Washington.


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