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Python Editors and Auto Completion

Just tested an editor called “PyCharm”, recommended for its auto-completion feature, and discovered it can’t complete “m= hashlib.sha1()” (it offers hashlib but not sha1)

In fact, it couldn’t auto-complete either. Neither can IDLE(Python’s built-in editor).

Looking at there are tons of editors, am I supposed to try every one of them? LOL

Edit: PyCharm actually completes sha1 from m= hashlib.sha1, but not m.Something(update, digest, etc)


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Magical Pond

It was said to be a cure for all ailments.

It was supposed to heal him from his inner tormentors.

He took his clothes off and entered the pond.

He got out sleepy and took a nap by the pond’s side, never woke again.

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Game developing – RPG Maker comment on YouTube

Sure, this is fine if you want to make a meaningless game to play on your own or maybe to send to a close buddy. However, this is not a real production environment. If you people want to make games, learn how to program and start with a simpler platform such as mobile gaming.


There used to be a time when one developer could make a game using a programming language like visual basic or even lower level languages, that is no longer the case as the expected number of features has increased dramatically.

It’s probably why doesn’t offer “shapes”(components to draw squares,circles,etc) like it used to, people who are serious about graphics are not going to use them opting instead for lower level graphics and people who are doing something trivial are going for something like flash or svg.

My mistake as a successful game developer while still 14 years old was to imagine that my increase in skill would result in me using less and less third party resources(images, primarily) and using more and more low level tools. That’s probably the reason I’ve failed since then in producing something worth of being hosted in other people’s websites.

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Developing a game by yourself.

Back when I was 14 years old I developed a game by myself using visual basic. Now I’ve read this on wikipedia:

However, approaching the 21st century, ever-increasing computer processing power and heightened consumer expectations made it difficult for a single developer to produce a mainstream console or PC game. The average price of producing a video game slowly rose from US$1–4 million in 2000 to over $5 million in 2006, then to over $20 million by 2010. However, mobile, web-based and indie games can cost much less.[1]

Well, that explains why I have failed in repeating the same feat ever since. Though if I were to infringe copyrights like I did back then I’m pretty sure I could gather a few players.

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Are MUDs and MOOs dead?

Yes, MUDs are dead. 🙂
I’d hope so at least, they are so old software-wise. Even IRC has a
better chance of being alive as games age faster.
Felt like making a new MUD today that used some sort of cryptocurrency but I can’t even get myself to play one. Will stick with Ultima Online’s OST for nostalgia.

UNIX Administratosphere

I was never one for playing with MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon) or MOOs (MUD, Object-Oriented). Yet, the retro feeling of being in a MUD or MOO is amazing, and I never have tried it before. (Note: users can program in a MOO!)

MUDs and MOOs are text-based adventures, but on a remote server and multi-user. Some are purely game oriented, and some are social – and many are both. If you liked Zork, you’ll like MUDs and MOOs – although Zork and its descendants have a more powerful language parser.

On a whim, I went for it – why not? – and logged into perhaps the oldest MOO around: LambdaMOO. I was unprepared for how much it was like Zork and the other text adventures I’ve known – and also how much it could be like being in IRC (but in a world, not a “room”).

Granted, one has to…

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Schizophrenia Roots(Logic)


Suppose that I were to write a program that decided whether something was X, that program would return YES or NO. That program is what computer scientists call a decision function.


So I ask my friends Bob and Joe to also make programs to identify data

Joe makes Is_Picture_A_Rose(Picture) and Bob makes Is_Picture_A_Dog(Picture)

So we have a “parallel process of creating analysis functions”.

However we can’t just add the results statistical significance, for example, I have 10 pictures, 3 of them are flowers and 2 flowers are roses.

I can’t get impressed with getting a positive for roses(20%) if I already got a positive for flowers(making the chance 66%).

That means we need a “process of determining which tests affect which tests”.

I think schizophrenia is caused by the two processes not working well together, you have too many tests for too little knowledge of their interoperability, hence you get lots of false positives(people look like other people, places like other places).

The medicine probably works by slowing down the first process(creation of analysis tools). You could increase the second processes effectivity by being exposed to:
diverse data(not getting obsessed with a single subject/place)
high quality dreaming(ear plugs, country side, nothing happening in the vicinity of the room, long time of dreaming)

The relation between finding patterns and the immune system could explain why schizophrenics also have false positives(signs of infection) in their blood.

If we could find a drug that increased the dreaming phase of sleeping or somehow helped the second process I wrote about we could get closer to a “cure”.

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Wise Blue Dragon

He was unlike other dragons that hoarded money and avoided contact with humans, he had a job in a human city: consultant.

People would come seeking his wisdom and ask the most impossible solutions.

-Please, how can we defeat the mage Moluit now that he has taken over the ancient staff of power?
-Gather the strongest druid in the realm and awake the ghost of Dilmur, the protector of the forest.
-We can’t do that, our law would forbid such ritual from taking…
-I have no answer that does not involve Dilmur. Next.

A knight carrying a comatose little girl entered his room.
-How can I remove the curse of the nine witches that has befallen my sister?
-That is complicated.
-I will need time to read my ancient scrolls of healing.

He calmly read the scrolls.

-She will need to drink a potion made of 3 nightshades and 1 mandrake root boiled for 10 minutes in a dark underground room on a full moon.

-Thank you so much.

-You’re welcome.

The next visitor entered, the king of a large realm in the northern part of the world.

-I want to be immortal.



-You can’t be immortal unless you are born a dragon, you could however achieve a few hundred years of lifespan by making a very obscure rite.

-Teach me that ritual please.

-It involves murdering dragons, I would rather not teach it to you.

… and that was the last guest of the day.

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