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Wise Blue Dragon

He was unlike other dragons that hoarded money and avoided contact with humans, he had a job in a human city: consultant.

People would come seeking his wisdom and ask the most impossible solutions.

-Please, how can we defeat the mage Moluit now that he has taken over the ancient staff of power?
-Gather the strongest druid in the realm and awake the ghost of Dilmur, the protector of the forest.
-We can’t do that, our law would forbid such ritual from taking…
-I have no answer that does not involve Dilmur. Next.

A knight carrying a comatose little girl entered his room.
-How can I remove the curse of the nine witches that has befallen my sister?
-That is complicated.
-I will need time to read my ancient scrolls of healing.

He calmly read the scrolls.

-She will need to drink a potion made of 3 nightshades and 1 mandrake root boiled for 10 minutes in a dark underground room on a full moon.

-Thank you so much.

-You’re welcome.

The next visitor entered, the king of a large realm in the northern part of the world.

-I want to be immortal.



-You can’t be immortal unless you are born a dragon, you could however achieve a few hundred years of lifespan by making a very obscure rite.

-Teach me that ritual please.

-It involves murdering dragons, I would rather not teach it to you.

… and that was the last guest of the day.

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