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The KEY to success…

…is stealing other people’s shit. You may think I’m joking, I’m not. My favorite blogger uses copyrighted images all the time. My game that was the first(and last) piece of software that I made that rocked(people hosted on their websites) had copyrighted images on it as well. YouTube is all about copyright infringement.

And images.

Apple comes to mind, never bought their stuff but they have nothing but empty logos and “cool”(?) designs.

Images+Stealing others’ work=Stealing artists’ work

The internet is nothing but a bonanza of pirated content where artists, singers and filmmakers get milked dry by IT companies. Sad but true.

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Bram Cohen 2011 interview quote

Bram Cohen: It’s easy to make the mistake that thinking the exact letter of the law is all that matters in such situations. I have no legal opinion of what mininova and torrentspy are doing, since I’m not familiar with the exact details. But being antagonistic will result in predictable outcomes, regardless of how well defended one thinks one is legally.

Do as I do, don’t do as I say, lol.

Seriously, it makes me wonder whether my previous post glorifying a sith that committed copyright infringement was such a good idea after all. 😀

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