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Wise Blue Dragon

He was unlike other dragons that hoarded money and avoided contact with humans, he had a job in a human city: consultant.

People would come seeking his wisdom and ask the most impossible solutions.

-Please, how can we defeat the mage Moluit now that he has taken over the ancient staff of power?
-Gather the strongest druid in the realm and awake the ghost of Dilmur, the protector of the forest.
-We can’t do that, our law would forbid such ritual from taking…
-I have no answer that does not involve Dilmur. Next.

A knight carrying a comatose little girl entered his room.
-How can I remove the curse of the nine witches that has befallen my sister?
-That is complicated.
-I will need time to read my ancient scrolls of healing.

He calmly read the scrolls.

-She will need to drink a potion made of 3 nightshades and 1 mandrake root boiled for 10 minutes in a dark underground room on a full moon.

-Thank you so much.

-You’re welcome.

The next visitor entered, the king of a large realm in the northern part of the world.

-I want to be immortal.



-You can’t be immortal unless you are born a dragon, you could however achieve a few hundred years of lifespan by making a very obscure rite.

-Teach me that ritual please.

-It involves murdering dragons, I would rather not teach it to you.

… and that was the last guest of the day.

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The Red Dragon

The red dragon’s scales reflected the scorching sun.
His two friends lied burnt on the ground, his enemy was alive but weak, just one more strike and he’d have saved Lanceville from that creature’s greed.He readied his wrist and gave his best shot.
The dragon parried his sword with its right claw and burned him alive with its flame breath.
The city’s gold was added to the already humongous treasury of the dragon.

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