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Side Project: Mini-Browser

My plan to have a P2P network based on a custom protocol over IP didn’t end. But protocol development isn’t easy and assuring that peers prioritize the right connections isn’t a piece of cake either.

So… a side project has consumed my time the last two days, here is a screen shot:


Now, I know what you are thinking:
That is a screenshot of Google’s main page with a weird pinkish rectangle floating over it.
Can you believe it took me 2 days of coding,researching and low-level winAPI to get that red rectangle there!? Me neither.


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Apple,Google,Intel,Adobe lawsuit

“Some Silicon Valley companies refused to enter into no-hire agreements. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, for instance, rebuffed an entreaty from Google in 2008 that they refrain from poaching each other’s employees.

The interesting part is that if you were to ask a random consumer to rank those companies CEO’s by likeability the order would probably be: Apple>Google>Facebook

So much for appearances.


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