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Quoter Outline Draft



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Disributed Analytics Outline Draft






Tags(Boolean Array)

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Mars,IP Address Logging,Tag Extractor

So, I made a tag extractor for wordpress’ blogs but now that I think about it, I should probably do my larger project(wiki analytics) because even though I can extract tags and search for multiple of them, getting a reasonable number of blog posts would still be a challenge and without numerous blog posts most search queries for multiple tags would return 0 matches.

I accesed my blog using a python script but my view count today is still zero, weird. Did wordpress knew from my IP address I was the author?

A Mars trip seems to increase chances of cancer by only 5%.

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Attempts at getting a new host

I registered at one host listed as being able to run python scripts only to find after spending quite some time solving their anti-robot captcha that the hosting account is only avaible IF you post on their forum(10 times or so) AND request the afore-mentioned account, *laughter*

Then I stumbled upon this one:

Yes! You can access external website using scripts(or even wget, according to them)… but only thos on the whitelist which does not include does, however, include a subdomain(individual blog) called, didn’t read didn’t like)

So… back to square one… throwing the task of crawling to users…

Of course, I could use my own connection to crawl but… it’s just so slow and only gets decent after midnight… sort of sad.

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Not well known but very relevant persons/companies!1,3381221643

What about Bram Cohen? The guy developed a protocol that accounts for like more than 30%(wikipedia says 40-70%) of all internet traffic! Who ever heard of him? I bet not that many.

Full disclosure: I didn’t read the rest of the article(as of right now)

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Thoughts about my new website…

I’ll fix the issue with getting files from other webpages to my host by doing it locally(client-side)

This will release my webpage bandwidth. When you think about it, even if doing it from PHP worked, someone someday would request analytics for a huge file that wouldn’t be feasible to get to my host. By requesting the client to download the file I can also request it to send and/or analyze specific parts of a file(as opposed to getting a whole 1GB movie I could just ask for the first hundred bytes and conclude it is the header of a video and should therefore receive the TAG “video” for example)

Another idea that hit me though is to have a search-engine that could filter multiple tags on wordpress posts. It would still require a user(likely blog owner) to run an open-source Python script to extract tags from posts and upload them to my index. But it would probably be easier than going straight to my auto-tagger/analytics project.

The question though is: is there any demand for either of these websites?

I can see myself using the analytics website IF it could give significant insight into videos and/or foreign accents in text. But those are algos I haven’t developed(not even drafts).

A website that allowed me to filter “Short story” AND “Fiction”? Hmmmm
I guess the tag Flash Fiction already does that…(combine those two)… Well… I guess there is no tag unifying “Fantasy” and “Short story”… but I would need lots of posts to get any decent results with a multiple tags search engine…

The promising side is that neither would take lots of my time, so there is no reason to not do both if my internet connection allows.(I need to look at Python’s and PHP’s online references to code)

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Windows Market Share: 91%

Just discovered that my free web host won’t allow me to use php’s file_get_contents() on other websites.

That, coupled with this statistic makes going back to visual basic more appealing.

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