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Remix Masters

Here is everything I want to do:

P2P Network with:
Data Hosting(like Freenet)
Script(remote and local) execution
Multiple tasks done by different nodes(network security, network gateway(from IPv4 addresses to local addresses), etc)
Reward system
Tracking system with multiple trackers
New Web Trees consisting of:
New Web Objects

Here is what I’m going to do first(because I need to start somewhere lest I become overpowered by the abstraction and amount of code to plan):

New Web Lists(as opposed to trees) consisting of
New Web Objects

nwo sounds like an awesome acronym 🙂

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Side project done.


Unzip,Install,Click load URL, paste this:


You should see this:



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Gravatar,New Protocol From Scratch, etc

Just realized today that you need an e-mail to be registered with gravatar before you can use their image generator. I thought they generated images for any hash, I was even wondering what was their business model, 🙂
After I discovered you need to tell them an e-mail visited your website or had his avatar requested I went “Ah… I see what you are doing there”, hahaha

I sort of did a quick fix, images are now a background with the color modified by your md5 hash. I plan on doing cooler stuff latter regarding the avatar(it will be animated)

But… before all that, my plan of using plain Internet Protocol(no UDP/TCP) may be a little far fetched after all.
Msg id(that is re-hashed every msg to show continuity)
Acknowledgement of messages.
Broadcasting(I heard UDP could do that, but I don’t think they mean sending to users of an specific program)
Requesting more nodes(this one doesn’t come free with TCP/UDP)
Giving said nodes(same as above)


And I am actually taking shortcuts wherever possible. HTML instead of canvas drawing; leaving authentication for later; leaving cool avatars for later.

The peer to peer protocol and search is all that I’ll do before releasing the first public version.


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Thoughts about my new website…

I’ll fix the issue with getting files from other webpages to my host by doing it locally(client-side)

This will release my webpage bandwidth. When you think about it, even if doing it from PHP worked, someone someday would request analytics for a huge file that wouldn’t be feasible to get to my host. By requesting the client to download the file I can also request it to send and/or analyze specific parts of a file(as opposed to getting a whole 1GB movie I could just ask for the first hundred bytes and conclude it is the header of a video and should therefore receive the TAG “video” for example)

Another idea that hit me though is to have a search-engine that could filter multiple tags on wordpress posts. It would still require a user(likely blog owner) to run an open-source Python script to extract tags from posts and upload them to my index. But it would probably be easier than going straight to my auto-tagger/analytics project.

The question though is: is there any demand for either of these websites?

I can see myself using the analytics website IF it could give significant insight into videos and/or foreign accents in text. But those are algos I haven’t developed(not even drafts).

A website that allowed me to filter “Short story” AND “Fiction”? Hmmmm
I guess the tag Flash Fiction already does that…(combine those two)… Well… I guess there is no tag unifying “Fantasy” and “Short story”… but I would need lots of posts to get any decent results with a multiple tags search engine…

The promising side is that neither would take lots of my time, so there is no reason to not do both if my internet connection allows.(I need to look at Python’s and PHP’s online references to code)

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