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The KEY to success…

…is stealing other people’s shit. You may think I’m joking, I’m not. My favorite blogger uses copyrighted images all the time. My game that was the first(and last) piece of software that I made that rocked(people hosted on their websites) had copyrighted images on it as well. YouTube is all about copyright infringement.

And images.

Apple comes to mind, never bought their stuff but they have nothing but empty logos and “cool”(?) designs.

Images+Stealing others’ work=Stealing artists’ work

The internet is nothing but a bonanza of pirated content where artists, singers and filmmakers get milked dry by IT companies. Sad but true.


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Tech shares fall


One aspect that may or may not be reflected on those stocks value is that you don’t get as much brand permanency on internet businesses as you do with banks, retailers, and other more traditional companies.

All they have is data, lots of it, flowing in. And talent to analyze that data and target ads better. Once people realize that the vast majority of those analysis do not require a huge amount of data but only smarter ways of collecting samples we may see a decrease in their value.


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