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Composite Hedges and Graphs

So, my tagtree website is going, but now that I have crawled a few hundred posts I would like to connect them… meaning I need graphs and probably some visual information to make solid design decisions.

What surprises me however is the total lack of libraries to deal with graphs(at least in the default php, without extensions)… I have been thinking about developing my own graph library and even a crawler library that would help me focus on stuff that matters without recoding everything all the time.

The same can be said about composite hedges, something so basic to financial analysis that is lacking from websites I visited so far. The closest one can get is finance.yahoo, you can make a composite chart, but changing percentages of stocks in your portfolio or actually measuring the difference between two quotes/indexes is impossible(you can see them on naked eye, but no numeric value is given).
I could also make a website that does that.

They are both good at setting up a more productive enviroment for me and others but unlikely to earn me cash in and of themselves.

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