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Bram Cohen 2011 interview quote

Bram Cohen: It’s easy to make the mistake that thinking the exact letter of the law is all that matters in such situations. I have no legal opinion of what mininova and torrentspy are doing, since I’m not familiar with the exact details. But being antagonistic will result in predictable outcomes, regardless of how well defended one thinks one is legally.

Do as I do, don’t do as I say, lol.

Seriously, it makes me wonder whether my previous post glorifying a sith that committed copyright infringement was such a good idea after all. 😀


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Not well known but very relevant persons/companies


What about Bram Cohen? The guy developed a protocol that accounts for like more than 30%(wikipedia says 40-70%) of all internet traffic! Who ever heard of him? I bet not that many.

Full disclosure: I didn’t read the rest of the article(as of right now)

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